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★ 02 | Fanvid

Vidder: Kitty
Title: Tangled Up In Me
Fandom: Playful Kiss
Genre: Character/Relationship study, Comedy
Song/Artist: "Tangled Up In Me" by Skye Sweetnam
Software: Sony Vegas 8.0
Characters/Pairings: Oh Ha Ni / Baek Seung Jo
Summary: "Can't you see, I want you." (Oh Ha Ni's POV) Baek Seung Jo causes Oh Ha Ni to go a little crazy.
DOWNLOAD [Box or 4shared] /// YOUTUBE, Vimeo embed below under cut...


I fell in love with this drama as soon as it started. I was inspired to use this song after the first 4 episodes were released (that's why most of the source comes from those eps), but then had to wait till the drama aired all the episodes to finish it. This vid was meant to be a fun & silly. Next time, will be a more serious love relationship between Oh Ha Ni & Baek Seung Jo.

password: kittyvids

Playful Kiss "Tangled Up In Me" from Kitty on Vimeo.

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Tags: ☀ actress: jung so min, ★ fanvid, ♠ k-drama: playful kiss, ♫ artist: ss501
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